Released July 2018

Important Updates to the Stitch APIs

There have been recent changes to the API related to the rollout of the Stitch X platform. We have outlined the changes below. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Integrations API

The Integrations API has expanded to include support for Purchasing and Transfers in Stitch X.

Advanced Ship Notices (ASN)


We have exposed ship notices to the API, providing visibility on incoming stock, and allowing receiving information to be passed back to Stitch. The WMS can mark new stock as landed as soon as it's arrived at the warehouse, and then update the ship notice as the stock is received into inventory. Ship Notices are created for the recieving warehouse on Purchase and Transfer Orders in Stitch.

Fulfillments V2


The v2/fulfillments endpoint replaces the v1/fulfillments endpoint, adding support for fulfillments based on Transfer Orders as well as Sales Orders. The basic signature and function of the V2 fulfillments are the same as V1, but there are changes to how line items and shipments are posted.

Migrating to the V2 fulfillments endpoint is required for compatibility with fulfillments based on Transfer Orders.

Legacy API (Formerly Standard API)

The Stitch Labs Standard API has been deprecated, and renamed "Legacy API". This change has been made to reflect that these endpoints were designed for Classic Stitch, and are not fully compatible with Stitch X. For existing connections to the Legacy API, these endpoints will continue to be supported. We will send out updates to users once an official sunset date has been set, providing time to migrate to the new endpoints.

Fulfillment API

The Fulfillment API has been deprecated and will soon be scheduled for sunset. No new connections to the Fulfillment API will be supported, but existing connections to the Fulfillment API will continue to be supported until the endpoints have been sunset. The Fulfillment API is not compatible with Stitch X. Any applications currently using The Fulfillment API must update to the Integrations API to maintain compatibility with Stitch. Access to the Integrations API endpoints is currently restricted, fill out the form at to gain access.