Stitch Labs Integrations API

The Stitch Labs Integrations API is a RESTful API consisting of a set of JSON-compliant endponts designed to provide simplified communication between Stitch and other platforms.This initial release focuses on fulfillment, and supercedes the Fulfillment API, which will be deprecated. The Fulfillment API endpoints will continue to be supported for now, and the official sunset date will be announced once determined.

Access to the Integrations API endpoints is restricted, Reach out to our API team to request API access.

Please note that Stitch accounts must have both the Multi-warehousing and Third-Party Stock Control options enabled for these endpoints to be available. Click here for more information on these settings

Once access is granted, generating an access token for a Stitch account will create a custom channel and warehouse linked to that token. An API client with integration permissions can only authenticate once per account, to avoid the creation of duplicate channels and warehouses.