Stitch Labs Integrations API

The Stitch Labs Integrations API is a RESTful API consisting of a set of JSON-compliant endpoints and corresponding in-application workflows specifically designed to make warehouse integration through the public API more seamless and consistent. Stitch X expands the capabilities of integrations by making available Ship Notices for upcoming deliveries and Receipts to keep stock up-to-date after a delivery arrives.

Access to the Integrations API endpoints is restricted, Reach out to our API team to request API access.

Please note that Stitch accounts must have both the Multi-warehousing and Third-Party Stock Control options enabled for these endpoints to be available. Click here for more information on these settings

Once access is granted, generating an access token for a Stitch account will create a custom channel and warehouse linked to that token. An API client with integration permissions can only authenticate once per account, to avoid the creation of duplicate channels and warehouses.