Stitch API Overview

Are you a developer looking to create a Stitch connected App? Stitch’s public API provides programmatic access to read and write your Stitch data. Create new orders, read product inventory levels, update contact and supplier data, and more.

For Merchants

  • Gain unprecedented flexibility to marry your information it with other business data not already in Stitch
  • Automate manual repetitive tasks that you perform in the application to save time and headache
  • Customize your data to automate your supply chain through custom CSVs, EDI, and purchase orders

Please contact your CSM or Account Executive to find out if API access is included in your plan.

For Partners

  • Push order, product, and customer information to Stitch and provide customers the added benefit of synced inventory levels, third party accounting, and centralized reporting on your platform.
  • Pull order information to create customer packing slips and shipments. Keep a customer’s order status information up to date by updating tracking numbers and order statuses.
"Reach out to our API team to request API access.